Anciant Woman and her celestial message.
Humility is the arch principle of faith. These are the words she speaks as she appears like an enigma.
She cannot see who you are but knows how you are. This is her wisdom. Defying all laws of physics, her cosmic scale tilts against the love of wealth that has determined man's fate, becoming the catalyst, which unfolds its truths and lives its message through the vision of a blind and Ancient Woman.
Ancient Woman Oil 1973
Analysis and History
Like in so much of this artist's work, this painting is another example of the use of symbolic imagery to convey an enigmatic message elevated to the level of prophecy. In this painting, the artist seems to indicate the imminent approach of great disparity and injustice that will fall across the land, destroying trust in governing structures and civil leadership, threatening the cohesion and stability of the nation and rendering the faithful into non believers, so to speak, as it reaches for the Age of Truth. This work was painted in 1973, decades before our current era, long before this present moment in our history, which has come to be characterized by some as the "post-truth" period in the country's evolution.
The painting, entitled Ancient Woman, was part of the collection of Mulleian paintings in a permanent feature exposition at the Frank Gallery on Gallery Row in the Union Square district of downtown San Francisco through the 1970s. By the end of that decade the painting was purchased by Dr. Lloyd E. Latch, founder of. Lloyd E. Latch Chiropractic. Here the painting was showcased in a large reception/waiting area of the business and has been seen by an estimated ten thousand patients through the years.
Lloyd was considered a pioneer in the field of chiropractic education and lectured nationally at chiropractic colleges and seminars across the country. He was named the Chiropractor of the year by the Parker Chiropractor Research Foundation and the Professional Chiropractor Society of America. The California Chiropractic Association awarded him its prestigious Life Achievement Award in 2014.
Among his many patients were S.F. Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, who mentioned him many times in his columns and dubbed him “chiropractor to the stars”. Among the other well-known patients were Bing Crosby, Allen Arkin, James Caen, Juan Marichial, as well as Willie McCovey, Chris Spier, Ken Venturi, Melvin Belli and others.