Artists' Society International (ASI), in 1986, sponsored one of the Country's biggest art competitions. Over 15,000 artists from around the world participated. 531 pieces of artwork, including two Mulleian oil paintings, were nominated for the ASI Awards. These nominees were displayed in a three-story gallery just off Union Square in San Francisco, California for approximately one year. 120 pieces became finalists in twelve media categories. These works were on exhibit during the awards ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts in February 1987. Of these finalists, thirty-six became winners of ASI Awards.
Mulleian's painting, "The Orphan," was awarded the ASI Public's Choice Oil Painting award, presented by Charlotte Mailliard at the gala event that was hosted by Scott Beach and Claire Isaacs.
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ASI Public's Choice Oil Painting Award
Palace of Fine Arts SF CA