Bridle Path
Beneath the sound of moving blades,
comfort is found in unsuspecting places.

Children of the night roam the bridle path like mirages of passing faces as a haunting
summer wind taunts desires that are sanctioned by a full moon's glow.
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Windmill Structure
Tree Area Beneath the Windmill
Trees and horizon
Leaves on Trees
Walking Figure

In this ethereal painting entitled ďBridle PathĒ is one of Mulleianís most complicated achievements, in its attempt of capturing the very essence of a night, soft as satin yet in a natural, though trancelike setting, an environment of nocturnal majesty and errant affection. In viewing the original painting viewers experience the need of adjusting their eyes as one would in an actual moonlit night environment.
The artist spent three years studying the effects of the soft iridescent moonlight and muted colors of night on people, plants, trees, ground and the windmill in Golden Gate Park. So intensely nuanced are its hues of light to shadow and shadow to light, it began to play tricks on the artistís eyes six months into the painting. Were the blues become greens that suddenly become reds in kaleidoscopic colors, across the artistís vision that left him ill for four days.
The painting took one year to complete.