Mark Mulleian pen and ink drawing entiteled Crossroads depicting his own near fatal car accident in 1977.
Inevitably many of the ideas for Mulleian’s unique images would come to the artist so rapidly at any given time that most of the images would have to be captured in pencil, pen and ink, leaving the remaining selective images to be executed in oil. Traditionally it would take any were from five months to a year to paint a single piece, while many others of enormous complexity as much as two years to complete; paintings such as Dies Irae, Lost Journey and Bridle Path.
The sublimely elegant drawing entitled Atlantean Pharaoh was originally meant to be executed in oil during the late 1990’s, but was moved aside as other visions of greater complexity manifested, fully formed, necessitating that they be painted. As Mulleian once iterated in a publication, “There are not enough years in a single lifetime to fully accomplish the task of executing each single image into oil as they come into being in my mind. Therefore I must choose”.
This pen and ink drawing (above) entitled Cross Road by Mulleian, is a piece intended as a drawing only. There are about five hundred of Mulleian’s drawings of all kinds in existence, including studies of which only ten percent were ever developed into paintings, while over ninety percent of his paintings were conceived only as oil.
Although the drawing Atlantean Pharaoh is one of those pieces intended ultimately as a painting, the artist has expressed regret in not yet having developed it into that medium. As a painting it is believed that it would truly stand out in full majesty, and like so many of Mulleian’s paintings, would indeed capture the imagination of viewers for generations to come.