Leonard Roy Frank, author of many books, (among them the Quotationary Dictionary, published by Random House), and human rights activist, discovered G. Mark Mulleian in 1969 and introduced the artist's work to the public consciousness by arranging Mulleian's first feature exhibit in San Francisco with Benny Bufano at the Continental Gallery, and later in 1970, at the Frank Gallery, also in San Francisco, thus launching Mulleian's career on a national and international scale. Among many
notable admirers to the gallery were Elton John
, Janice Joplin, Vincent Price, Robert Shields, Shirley Temple
Black, Leotine Price, Herb Caen, Eric Hoffer, William Kunsler, (attorney of the Chicago Seven trial), the
Three Christy Minstrels, (a popular singing group of the 1960's), and many more throughout the 1970s.
In 2006 Mulleian and Frank came together once again in a biographical
documentary for national
broadcast television, were Leonard Frank presents an insightful profile of the artist and his
work in an interview in which he talks about Mulleian and public
reaction to the artist and his work.