Damon Molloy
Damon M. Molloy
Award winning film documentarian Damon Molloy is seen here surveying land's end at San Francisco's Sutro Park for the dramatic sunset scene which ends one of his documentary.
Dirk Dirksen has been producing television programming since 1957, including the legendary weekly twelve hour live program"ROCKET TO STARDOM" for KTTV Los Angeles. Later he was the creative glue behind the teen soap opera"NEVER TOO YOUNG" for the ABC-TV Network in the mid-60's. He found himself as the driving force behind the new music revolution of the mid-70's with the seminal avant-garde theatres the Mabuhay Gardens and the On Broadway Theatre which broke all boundaries of music and art through that turbulent period in music. Founding the DMP organization in 1974 Mr. Dirksen has provided his extensive experience as Executive Producer of all DMP/Dirksen-Molloy Productions.
Damon Molloy is a second generation video professional and television producer.(His father taught Television System Analysis for Pacific Bell for more than 15 years) Damonās Director credits include: "B-BALL: THE TEAM THAT NEVER LOST A GAME", The feature length documentary "JITTERBUGGIN", the Human Resource training video "ACCOMMODATING EMPLOYEES AND JOB APPLICANTS WITH PSYCHIATRIC DISABILITIES IN THE WORKPLACE" for People With Disabilities Foundation and most recently a short documentary on world re-nown artist G. Mark Mulleian entitled "THE TRANSREALISM OF G. MARK MULLEIAN". He is currently associate editor on the Gospel DVD "THE TEMPTATIONS REVIEW" featuring Dennis Edwards for Acsend Music.
Together the team have completed many varied projects such as:"FIFTY YEARS IN SEARCH OF PEACE" a one hour television special which commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter in San Francisco in 1945, which featured President Clinton speaking from San Francisco's Opera House, and included appearances by President Ford and President Carter. The program was satellite fed and broadcast throughout the World in 1995.
The Dirk Dirksen Presents release "DEAD KENNEDY'S VIDEO DOCUMENTARY", is a ground breaking one hour live concert capturing the moment by moment real time concert recorded with state of the art equipment on the closing night of the legendary On Broadway Theatre and Nightclub June 16, 1984 marking the end of that seminal era.
From 1990 to 2002 Dirksen-Molloy Productions produced more than 440 half hour episodes of the music, comedy and arts based television program "COSMOS SAN FRANCISCO" which aired on the multi-cultural broadcast television station KTSF TV 26. Not only broadcast, KTSF 26 is a must carry station on all 9 Bay Area County cable systemsr reaching more than 2.5 million homes.
Dirksen-Molloy Productions is also the production facility for the public information program "POSITIVE SPIN" produced by Unity Foundation of San Francisco, Los Angeles. Currently in its eleventh year, it is cablecast in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other markets nationally and is satellite distributed on the DISH Network on FreeSpeech TV and is carried on 183 Cable access stations, reaching 40 million homes nationwide.
"Positive Spin" is a news and public affairs television program that promotes positive, innovative and solution oriented news from around the world. The program also features UN and Foreign Affairs Correspondent Kim Weichel, introducing segments on the United Nations and international concerns. The shows format features Bill McCarthy, as the Host,