G. Mark Mulleian at work on San Francisco's Gallery Row.
Mark Mulleian at Work During the 1970's
Mulleian at work at the Frank Gallery and in his loft studio on San Franciscos Gallery Row.
It was an era of critical thinking and immeasurable creativity at work in an atmosphere of defiance that gave expression to a thirst for knowledge, and became a spontaneous blending of elements that characterized the creativity of that period. In the expectation of a new dawn was the generation of consciousness that took form in this one artist’s works.
His controversial and sometimes avant-garde views and personal style created an ongoing provocative visual focus, which became a writers and photographer's delight. He was well documented by renowned television news and fine arts photographers, photojournalists and other media professionals as well as by students of photography from the San Francisco Academy, all of whom surrounded the artist and his work during that era.
In dedication to those photographers who documented Mulleian’s career from the 1960s to the 1980s, allowing us to glimpse into otherwise lost moments in history, and to share with generations to come:
Richard Scheffler, Rogny Rodriguez, Efrem Ramirez, Van Nguen, Felimon Barbarte Jr., Bill Apton, Brian Jenings, John David Hough, Eddie Van,
and associate photographers Herman Privette, David Keller, , Ward Roberts, Brian Jennings, Dennis Forbes and Robert Arbegast.