Personification Story
In Its Oneness

Rhythm is the pathway to harmony.
Harmony is the gateway to your center.

Your center is the pulse of your being.
Your being is the you in you, therefore, you are.

You are, is to be one with.
To be one with is to know.

And to know is where all things begin, in you.
I am the now of the future, from the past, that

lives its presence
in me, in its oneness

of omniscient consciousness.

When given sovereign authority, our own intellect, by default, becomes the very firewall that prevents us from fully comprehending nature’s non-lineal spectrums, thereby not allowing us to imagine the unfathomable and never allowing us to touch the unattainable. Without creative imagination, linear thought elicits the predictable, albeit deceptive properties of perception, which become our own perception, which becomes an impenetrable barrier.
In the tangible world, there are heat and cold, darkness and light. Instead, the artist envisions an invisible light of no atomic particles, of non-celestial origin, as the essence incarnated through the true source of creation, where paint and artist become one.
Perception is like the changing shadows of a sundial, shifting like an amoeba through un-controlling forces from the depths of a roiling, metaphysical sea, welling into antithetical powers of creativity, a cauldron of fundamental principles, an alchemical dynamic becoming the art that creates the artist that would create the art.
In the artist’s words: Creativity is like a kiss of light upon the whisper of the inner while the outer sleeps.