Atlantean Pharaoh, wise ruler of the lost city of Atlantis. Drawing by G. Mark Mulleian.
It crowns its great mountaintops into glimmering gold, cascading into emerald valleys that fill the air with warmth, grazing its atmosphere with exotic sounds of birds, echoing through a golden sky. As shadows quickly retreat into the land of the dead and great temples are chiseled out from the early morning golden light of a rising sun, that moves across temple walls and pylons in its conquest, revealing a nation of long ago, captured by time, where vast armies fall into bewildering silence to the besieging sounds of sorrow and cries of grief that grip a continent and plunge it into darkness. As remaining shadows take their prize, the light enters the giant temple, were multitudes gather in honor of the most high, a wise ruler known as the enlightened one over kings, is majestically composed after his death, before an unparalleled funeral procession, as the light travels across its polished alabaster temple floors passing quickly through high priest, holy man, commanders of the guard, generals and kings. The light suddenly slows, to the splendor of the Atlantean Pharaoh were he still sits upon his throne. Swiftly the light reaches and reclaims its own from the shadows of the land of the dead, and rises with the sun over the lost city of Atlantis.