1969 drawing by Mark Mulleian entitled "Right Hand of Carpenter Apprentice"
Right Hand
Carpenter Apprentice
Pencil, 8"x10" 1969
This single 1969 pencil drawing entitled, "Right Hand of Carpenter Apprentice," by Mulleian, was the catapulting force, instrumental in launching this artist's career to extraordinary heights that changed his life and lives of many others. In 1969 a 22 year old Mulleian walked into the Continental Art Gallery in San Francisco with a drawing wrapped in a towel under his arm. The gallery featured one of the largest exhibits of works by sculptor Beniamino Bufano. While viewing Bufano's works, Mulleian was pleasantly interrupted by a very tall, long-bearded man with long black hair by the name of Leonard Roy Frank. Approaching him, with eyes as strong and soft as his voice, Mr. Frank asked, "What do you have there?" The artist replied, "A drawing. " Mr. Frank then asked, "Can l see it?" The artist answered, "Yes," and removed the drawing from the towel. Mr. Frank looked stunned with amazement and stood transfixed. He could not believe that a pencil drawing could ever be so fine, with such extraordinary realism. One week later a large exhibit of paintings and drawings was established alongside the works of Bufano. This was Mulleian's first exhibit, as well as his first newspaper review, both of which would be instrumental in catapulting his career into national and international recognition.