Painting by Mulleian entitled Spring Rain, in dedication to those who died of Aids
Under-painting thin layers upon layers of pigment and glazes, permits light to enter the painting and cause illumination from within. This technique, understood by Mulleian from the teachings of the old world artistsans, rarely perfected in the modern world, has created a level of technical excellence of color brilliance and three-dimensional qualities that exceed and question our own reality. The stunning detail of the prismatic breaking of light through the droplets of water and the beveled surfaces of cut-glass. The artist gives a highly prismatic quality through his translucent hues that captures the feeling of age that seems to come alive. As texture and light beckons the viewers into a captivating level thought not to be possible with paint.

Imperishable thoughts roll down like shadows cast
By plump translucent pearls, unstrung and softly glinting,
Lit, litmus-like, a random dance of raindrops lingers on
A window shade, tremulous. Filtered now, thus
The evening sun and flowers bloom
in his garden we once shared.

Now, prismatic glass distills the seasons, refracting shards from
Time’s astringent flow. Blending embers in a bottle,
Sweet elixir, sharp reminders, echoed laughter made of tears.
And the Rose he planted once, tempered now,
By all the reasons, still sits on a window sill,
AIDS Hotline and key, echoing his distant call:
Come see!”

Imperishable thoughts,
From the depths of an empty room.