"Stone Effigy" speaks of an atomic world and of our destiny. Painting by Mark Mulleian.
There is one piece entitled “Stone Effigy” that exemplifies this very point and stands out from all the others. Painted by Mulleian in 1970 while in a semi trance state as the image automatically started to appear through his brushes onto a 32” by 46’ canvas, as though it was painting itself, an image which eyes have not seen the likes of before that seems to defy all manner of periods in the art world’s tradition.
We gaze through a space/time continuum as both moments blend within a temporal paradigm, forming a conceptual framework intended to restore balance to a world which has become precariously out of balance, a self-correcting impulse which mirrors itself. Enantiodrimia. The unconscious, like a phantom of the past, delivers us a message for the future:
For over four decades the power of his paintings have caused the public to ponder at progressively deeper levels of thoughts.

Stone Effigy

There are
unknown po
that lie
so far beyond our grasp
yet so close as to live within us
through the illumination of wisdom
that reconfigures the constellation,
giving us guardianship over our own transfiguration.

Consecrated in a stone effigy that rises from out of a boiling sea and
like a tomb, revealing the twilight
of an atomic world of man's fury,
is the future,
looking back through the eyes
of destiny