Stonewall: The Movement -The LGBTQ Civil Rights Pioneer Activists
A One Hour Film Documentary has been aired on Free Speech TV
Official Selection of The Palm Springs Cinema Diverse Film Festival
Winner Festival Favorite / Audience Choice Award, 2016
Stonewall: The Movement, originated, produced, and directed by Artist G. Mark Mulleian.
The Vision Behind Stonewall: The Movement
By Director and Producer G. Mark Mulleian
In formulating my vision of this documentary, with the help of Bill McCarthy, I started to invite a number of our 1960s and 70s gay pioneers from around the Bay Area and New York to participate in this momentous, one-of-a-kind film endeavor. My intention was to frame a uniquely personal collection of recollections and reflections within a broader, more universal historical context than late 20th century events; rather in the context of human suffering experienced by gays over centuries.
With visual references that span the full development of American history, from the founding of the earliest colonies in 1620 to the legalization of gay marriage in 2015, the intention was to create a multi dimensional dynamic, a stylistic structure much like a visual musical score, reaching viewers not just through thinking alone, but by subliminal means that engage feeling, the source of our moral impulse and our urge to empathetic response.

I reason that by changing our focus from ‘differences’ to ‘similarities’ we can elevate the subject of “perverse sexual identity” from the level of ignorant misperception to one of empathetic recognition of the universal human need for dignity and respect. By focusing on the universality and humanity of gay identity, present in all cultures across the human spectrum, it seems possible to penetrate prejudice to the level of the human spirit, using the medium of suffering as a subjectively identifiable lens. Dignity and pride are the rewards of self-actualization, as well as the wellspring of a will and desire to contribute to the common good. By shifting from a “them-against-us” stance to a discovery of the “we”, where becoming oneself can be seen as a model for all, we can envision a realistic possibility of a truly transformative experience, both individually and collectively. It has been my wish that Stonewall: The Movement might engage the viewer, as would a piece of music, in a subliminal, mystically powerful, visually diverse experience. The film is essentially about the strength and transformative properties of the human spirit.

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