Ann Watters and the Frank Gallery
Ann Watters was a frequent visitor to the Frank Gallery in the 1970s, during which time Ann was introduced to Leonard Frank and soon became a familiar face to gallery patrons, occasionally acting as stand-in docent, covering for Leonard while he was away from the gallery. Later Ann would come into the artist life once again when Mulleian, one spring evening in 1977, on his way to his San Francisco south of Market studio, was in a near fatal accident which landed him at the emergency department of San Francisco General Hospital.
Ann Watters
Mark Mulleian, Ann Watters and Ron Raz gather one San Francisco night at the Frank Gallery on Sutter Street’s Gallery Row.
Ann Watters, Ron Raz and Mark Mulleian in the Frank Gallery’s studio loft were they were caught off guard by something the photographer said as he snapped the picture.