Leonard Roy Frank, Beniamino Bufano and G. Mark Mulleian
Photo taken by Ron Sanchez
in San Francisco, CA - 1969
Author Leonard Roy Frank
Sculptor Beniamino Bufano
Artist G. Mark Mulleian
This 1969 photograph of sculptor Beniamino Bufano, artist G. Mark Mulleian and author Leonard Roy Frank was taken in the first year which Leanard Frank arranged Mulleian's first feature art except with Bufano at the Continental Art Gallery in San Francisco, a year before the Frank Gallery opened in 1970.
Mulleian was introduced to Beniamino Bufano by his manager, Leonard Frank. This led to Mulleian's first San Francisco showing with Bufano in 1969, and they became good friends. In 1970 Bufano sat for Mulleian in a modeling session, posing his right hand for a sketch. Legend has it that in protest of the First World War, Bufano cut off the index finger of his right hand and sent it to President Woodrow Wilson. Bufano
died on August 16,1970.