A Prince of Peace:
A legend in his own time and
an iconic figure of San Francisco.

Brought from Rome to the United States at the age of three, Beniamino Bufano became one of the most important sculptors of our time. He would be commissioned to create sculptures for the Panama Pacific International Exposition for the completion of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in 1939 and would design the Indian portrait on the U. S. Indian Head nickel. Eventually he would find himself in Gandhi's ashram, the place of retreat, where they conversed and exchanged opinions.
In Bufano's last year, from the summer of 1969 through August 1970, Bufano's and Mulleian's paths would merge, starting with a featured exhibit of both of their works at the Continental Art Gallery in San Francisco, and later, in January 1970 at the Frank Gallery, (the venue managed and operated by author Leonard Roy Frank). Bufano and Mulleian had become very good friends in a mutual admiration for each other's art. Their respect for each other was of the highest order. There would be many discussions between Bufano, Mulleian and Frank over dinner out on the town.
Photo by Ron Sanches
Benny Bufano at his S.F. Studio in 1970