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The discovery of Mulleian by
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All Mulleian images on this Website are in the public domain, all paintings, and drawings. Including any written articles on the artist is available for public use. Please credit author.
Computer programmer and writer Robert F. Arbegast designed and built this website (www. in dedication to Mulleian's paintings. The website was uploaded to the world wide web in the year 2000, for the sole purpose of serving as a gallery and museum for G. Mark Mulleian’s work and original media archival articles and biographical material that followed the artist’s career starting from 1969. Mulleian is self thought and started drawing and painting at the age of five. However, his works became progressively more controversial throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, and by the age of twenty-two, he was thought by many to be ahead of his time.
In January 1973, The Advocate (the biggest national political gay newspaper in the U.S.) published one of the biggest feature stories on an individual of its day. Written by freelance writer Brian Jennings, the article drew national attention and generated fan mail throughout the U.S. Reiterating Mulleian’s status as an already established artist in San Francisco, the cover story was two full pages dedicated to Mulleian's art, his lifestyle, and his controversial perspective relating to human rights and individual sexual expression in an era in which the Gay Culture was still very much underground. It was in this area of homosexual expression that Mulleian's outspoken views drew the attention of the FBI to the front door of the artist's studio in an investigation into his controversial and challenging commentary on aspects of fundamental social values during the Nixon era and shortly after the death of J. Edgar Hoover in 1972.
Two weeks after the Advocate story broke, a similar two-page cover feature would appear in the European equivalent of the Advocate, the German magazine Him, a monthly periodical reaching a wide audience in Belgium, Denmark, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United States. Mulleian was twenty-three years old.
G. Mark Mulleian continues to deliver his message to the nation as an antinuclear activist, a point of view best exemplified in his best known work, Dies Irae, along with several other of his paintings depicting environmental catastrophe, all of which have aired extensively on Free Speech TV, Satellite Dish Network and Direct TV since 2005, reaching 40 million homes nationwide, and is carried on 183 Cable access stations nationally.
To quote author Leonard Roy Frank, (who first discovered Mulleian in 1969), “His work not only reflects reality as it is, but it anticipates the reality that is to be; he expresses his true desire: to bring to consciousness in other people human possibility’s. In that sense, his work is controversial; it challenges the status quo. In the end, it is the status quo he is not satisfied with.
Biographical material and other information on the artist is constantly being added, whether from the past, or from developing events as they occur. For more on the artist go to artist biography on the home page.
By author and curator Paul Deegan