From time to time an artist appears who so combines imagination and skill that the world of art cannot long deny him his due without diminishing itself. G. Mark Mulleian is such an artist. Born in San Francisco in 1947, Mulleian since the age of thirteen has dedicated himself to one purpose, the greatest possible development of his natural artistic talents. Though his gifts are considerable, he knows that nothing short of supreme effort will enable him to realize his goal. A sixteen hour workday is not unusual for him. And if towards the end of such a day, his energy wanes, he refortifies himself by recalling something Michelangelo once said, "If people knew how hard I have had to work to gain my mastery, it woulden't seem so wonderful." That so young a man has attained so great a proficiency in his chosen field is rare enough: what is truly extraordinary is that Mulleian has done it without any formal art training. He has studied and practiced his craft alone. A few art books, periodic visits to local museums, constant attention to the visual aspects of all forms of life and matter, and an informing imagination have more than supplied the want of teachers. Mulleian's personal experience has given him a vivid sense of the now. Vietnam; the Tet Offensive; his artillery position under bombardment; huddled in silence and fear with twelve buddies in an old dilapidated bunker; he stands up and utters a prayer to his God, and moments later a 75 millimeter mortar round explodes though the bunker roof, a inch and a half thick dry rot peace of wood; Amazingly no one is killed, or even injured. That kind of immediate experience often makes a believer out of a non-believer.

Artist Mark Mulleian 1970s controversial American painter.
Imagine the effect it might have on one who is already a believer, and you will have come a long way to understanding the heart and mind of this man whose original works are on exhibit, as long as he wants them to be. Mulleian is one of the great, contemporary American artists. His art will be treasured for generations to come.
written by Author, Leonard Roy Frank, 1970
Photo by- Robert Arbegast
Mulleian gained prominence through the 1970s as a controversial American painter, and became known for his intuitive approach to metaphysical, philosophical themes reflecting a mystical view of reality in his works. As a result of his outspoken views and unconventional lifestyle, he shook the art world and the city’s establishment, inadvertently igniting conflict within Art Academy and University faculties and prominent West Coast critics.