Over the city of San Francisco, an alchemical distillation gives rise like clouds forming in the upper stratosphere, were the dynamics of a new age, seeded by the views of a free-thinking culture helped transform social consciousness and galvanize future forms of self expression, fostering big political movements that homogenized into new concepts in music, literature and the arts that became the repository of new ideas, stands like a beacon of light for artist’s writers and visionaries. The universality of Mulleian’s work has attracted world prominent figures and people from all walks of life. An artist and a crusader for human rights, his works speak to us about human consciousness and our world situation in hopes of a better world. He has always been regarded by many to be ahead of his time. There are those who, after viewing the detail of Mulleians paintings, posed the question: How can anyone who sees with such detail in his surroundings bear to live in this world? One reasons that it is because of an equal portion of the other Jungian elements, thinking, feeling and intuition that make this artist not only able to “live in this world”, but able to give us all so magnificently the gift of his profoundly intuitive perception. This world is all the richer for it.
Insightful, mysterious and controversial, his style is called Transrealism, a perspective from which the artist observes all of the refined elements that our life here on earth have to offer through powers that he calls trans-mental observation, a faculty he believes every one of us has.
by Paul Deegan
Mulleian at his palette on San Francisco's famed Gallery Row of the 1960s and 70s
In the Eyes of Nature
From the beginning I have always lived with the awareness that I am my own student and this world is the university through which I may learn and translate, galvanizing a higher learning, in that money may be regarded as riches but not true wealth.
True wealth is the wealth that holds us in high esteem as guardian warriors, inherently illuminating the natural endowment of our individual endeavors in the light of ignorance, offering us a choice as protectors of our environment and practitioners as intelligent beings. True wealth is the wealth of knowing that we are more then who we are in the eyes of nature.
Written by Mulleian