It was said that when Mulleian arrived to attend the gala event of the ASI awards ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts, the artist was unable to catch a last glimpse of his painting because of long lines of people waiting to get a viewing of the Orphan painting. The one thousand seat Palace of Fine Arts theatre was filled to capacity. As the houselights began dimming and Mulleian was just about to be seated, the curtains began to open and the voice of Charlotte Mylard, San Francisco City Events coordinator, announced Mulleian the winner in the Oil Painting category. As he approached the stage Mulleian's physical appearance was eclipsed by a towering image of The Orphan, projected dramatically for the audience on the billboard-sized theatre screen. This presentation culminated the year and a half painstaking process of selecting, exhibiting, judging and awarding one of the most prestigious honors of any art competition in the United States.
Palace of Fine Arts
Award Ceremony